Katsunori Ebara’s Motivation Profile

Growth: 100%

Self-realization and growth are the most important motivating factors for Katsunori Ebara. He constantly strives for self-improvement and places great value on acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Creativity: 91%

Creative expression and innovation are at the core of Ebara’s motivation. He finds joy in generating new ideas and seeking unconventional solutions.

Competitiveness: 87%

Personal achievement and goal attainment are significant driving forces for Ebara. He sets high benchmarks and gains satisfaction from surpassing them.

Sociability: 83%

Ebara values social interactions and connections, finding great satisfaction in connecting with people through communication.

Rationality: 81%

He prefers a logical and efficient approach and values systems and processes that function well.

Autonomy: 79%

Ebara values independence and self-determination, desiring freedom and flexibility in his activities.

Status: 72%

He places importance on social status and recognition, finding motivation in earning respect from others through his work and position.

Altruism: 53%

While he values contributing to others and making a social impact, he also balances this with his personal goals.

Feedback: 30%

Regular feedback and recognition are somewhat important but are lower in priority compared to other motivators.

Security: 13%

Stability and predictability are not strongly sought after, and he may feel comfortable taking risks.

Finance: 2%

Monetary rewards are not a primary motivator for Ebara; other values and goals play a more significant role in driving his actions.

Thanks to attuned and Otokonokosugi Seminar.

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