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After a diverse career, Katsunori Ebara founded Enon Inc. His varied experiences instilled in him a strong desire to provide new value to society and industries. His virtues of curiosity, love of learning, and creativity were major driving forces in starting a new business.

Corporate Goals

  1. Provide new value to people and contribute to society.
  2. Build trust with customers and partners through high integrity and fairness.
  3. Develop a sustainable business based on gratitude and love.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Cherish “En” (connections) and “On” (gratitude): Value connections with people and fulfill the “gratitude” that arises from these connections.
  2. Continue new challenges with courage and a broad perspective: Act boldly even in difficult situations, always seeing the bigger picture and advancing strategically.
  3. Create a positive and forward-looking workplace with humor and gratitude: Grow together with employees, customers, and partners through positive energy.
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