Katsunori EBARA, President of Ennonn, Co., Ltd

A Leader Pursuing Vision and Value

According to GPT4, OpenAI

Things I tell for you

​Education and Work Experience

It was not always smooth sailing, but the diverse paths of Katsunori Ebara have been charted by his own will.

Corporate Philosophy

Detailing the background leading to the founding of Ennonn Co., its corporate goals, and philosophy.

Personal Profile

Explain the virtues held by Katsunori Ebara according to the VIA (Values in Action) classification.

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Their words tell you more about me

How are you doing?
Hey, hey!
You are the man like a firecracker.


Relationship: An inseparable bond since university days

By the way, who are you in the picture!?
Is your machine-gun-like talk still going strong?


Relationship: Sea friends

In first grade, you next to me sang the song from “Fist of the North Star” endlessly😆 You kept singing “Falling down~ YUWA-SHA!!” all the time😆 I was in a brainwashed state sitting next to you, never forget third semester of first grade!


Relationship: Elementary and middle school classmates

Fresh from my part of myself.

SWOT analysis

MBTI – 16 Personality Types

Motivation Profile

In preparation…

In preparation…

In preparation…

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